After attending college in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virgina, Casey is pursuing her master's degree in education while spending her time with us in Maine. During her free time, she enjoys cooking, going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and doing anything outdoors. Previously, she was an Assistant Instructor at Mad Science of Maine. " I enjoy making a positive impact in people's lives. I know that by helping people find jobs, I am making a difference in their lives. I also love my time spent with the day program." 

Erika Penrod

Operations Manager

Meditation Instructor

207 604-2487

Born and raised in Southern Maine, Erika is currently in her master's in public health program at the University of New England. In her free time, she enjoys trail running, gardening, reading, volunteering, and hanging out with family. Starting as a DSP, Erika has experienced being a direct service provider across many levels. Working a bit with each department, she applies a professional holistic health and wellness approach to our offered activities.  

With extensive experience in tai chi, pilates, personal training, and group exercise, Stephanie enjoys all varieties of physical exercise. She has received her certifications in the above activities and loves to bring her knowledge to our center weekly! During her free time, she enjoys gardening, horseback riding, martial arts, and practicing healthy living. Her love for helping people brought her to Thatcher Brook, and our clients have enjoyed her classes and fun persona! 

Stephanie Howard

Long Term Care

Danielle Claire, Job Developer

Jon Bedard, DSP, CRMA

Eric Petersen, DSP

Lauren Corbett, DSP, CRMA

Santino Kout, DSP, CRMA

Kelly Petter, DSP, CRMA

Anne Bragg, DSP

Dale Begin, Job Coach

Leon Taylor, Job Coach


Meet Our Staff

Dental Exams
Casey Baugh

​Disability Advocate & Business Liaison
ACRE Certified, DPG Certified, Job Developer, Employment Specialist


Lucinda Clarke, M.Ed.

Executive Director

ACRE Certified

​207 604-2116

Michelle Dion

​Direct Support Professional
​DSP, Dance, Theatre & Fitness Instructor