Thatcher Brook Center

Enriching abilities since 1991

​Mission Statement

To achieve a greater level of integration of the various aspects of service such as life-skills, socialization skills, job training, discovering personal genius, and holistic healthy living strategies.

Historically, we have often found it difficult to help individuals achieve positive strides in their lives when they are only in our program 10 to 20 hours a week. As we continue to develop programs we hope to institute cross-over programming with the residential providers of our clients as well as smoother transitions between life-skills, socialization skills, job training, discovering personal genius, and holistic healthy living strategies as to give our clients the long-term success they are looking for.

We draw on the do-it-yourself attitude that has made Maine such a wonderful place to live despite its location on the edge of the national economy. We provide instruction in healthy dieting, whole foods cooking, shopping for healthy foods on a budget, exercise routine, gardening, etc... We teach these pillars of a healthy rural life with the full knowledge that our clients are willing and able to take these practices home with them. We strive to affect lasting change in people’s lives even beyond the time they spend with us.

Over the decades, there have been persistent problems with the ability of public special education programs to prepare their students for the open job market. Instead of graduating to a productive, happy life, students often leave school to find themselves without access to special job training services and instead become wards of residential providers or family members. We continue to build relationships with local high schools and search for alternative funding sources in order to provide the utmost quality of service and life for our clients.