Thatcher Brook Center Snow Closure Policy 2019

Thatcher Brook Center wishes to protect consumers and employees during periods of inclement weather or emergency situations. The following policy applies to consumers, employees, service providers, case managers and visitors of Thatcher Brook Center.

Thatcher Brook Center will close for snow and winter storms according with the local public school district. If Biddeford public schools are closed, TBC will be closed as well. We understand that not everyone agrees with each storm day decision. If Thatcher Brook Center is open but you are concerned with your individual traveling, please feel free to keep them home and notify us.

            In the event that Thatcher Brook Center and area schools are open, but Logisticare and other public transportation services are not running, you are responsible for finding alternate transportation. TBC will not provide individual transportation to and from program during inclement weather or otherwise. Last year’s pilot program of providing transportation to local individuals was unfortunately not effective enough to continue this year.

            We will post all closures, half days, or delayed starts on our Facebook page as soon as a decision has been made. We will also update our outgoing voicemail so that you may call the center to find out if we are open. We will aim to notify Channel 13 news of any closures but, if you are unsure, please call the program to verify. If you are unable to use the above resources and would like to receive an individual call from our program when we close for a snow day, please contact TBC and notify us prior to November 30th.

Thank you, we wish you all a safe (and mild) winter season!
Thatcher Brook Center
638 Elm Street
Biddeford, ME 04005